Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Drops of life

The previous year was the most fully experienced year of my life.
The whole year elapsed in wandering here and there in search of peace .
Th three inch smoking stick generally stuck with me wherever go.
That was the time I mostly want to forgot oriental public school.
I lived in rizwans house 3 months if I will stayed 1weeks more than certainly I was vanished because mr adnan was growing as a brain tumer for me

But the last 4 months has changed my mood and saved saved apart of my year of being rued. 

Journey begins in march

Lived in forbesganj for giving the board exams .we satyed at roshan lodge,alamtola

Many new fellows came to meet there mostly shadab anjum from kota rajashthan prepearing for engeniering entrances he was just like me some time I start to find myself in him.

He was also a die hard fan Hollywood movies and the internet
He is specially ther for 12th board exams both exams were going to held together in sarswati vidya mandir

"रोशन था आफताब भी हलकी सी धुप रूस का शरमाया सा लगता था!
वोह रातों में महताब चमका और वह गुनगुनाती  चांदन,
मिल बैठे साथ तो नूर बरस पड़ती होती आसमा से फर्श तक नूर की छड़ी !

Kabir,faizan and shahjahan were also with us.
we had enjoyed much more instead of prepearing for exams, lots of discussions were to made there whole  the day afterall I have got a partner for sharing my hollywood gossips

मुझे  नहीं  पता  था  यह  खुसी  जो  मुझे  मिल  रही  है  यह  मेरे  हिस्से  की  है  या किसी और के खुसी में शरिक्दार हूँ....या फिर है यह एक महज इत्तेफाक !

Kaisi manjil thi kaisa mikam tha
Dojakh si duniyan mein jannat sa shaan tha

Subah wahan ki badi sharmili hoti halki si dhup raus ka sharmsaya sa lagta tha aur fir who sust दोपहर का मजा 
pehle din ka exam najdik aa chukka tha

9 पम tak hum sab nikal pade exam hall ki taraf

It feels just like that I am going to attend someones funeral as though we arrived at the exam hall by seing the scenery ofthat place it seems like the judgement day as I heard from my mother that in that day no one will help  anyone more ………

After three exams there was a long break, kabir and me ran towards katihar for some enjoyment…….

Traveling in trains without tickets ,fighting with the T.T.E all of my first experience of that type……
Everything was happening except studies I know that
Puara saal bina kuch padhe ab padhkar kya faayda hone wala tha ….

din gujarte gaye tajurbaat apni jagah lete gaye…….
Hawaon ne fir se apna rukh badla , 
ab waqt ho chala tha jaane ka  shadab bhaiya 27th ko chale gaye unko vida karke achcha to nahin lag raha tha par kya karein sabkuch hamesha ke liye thode hi kayam rehne wala hai………

Faizan 31st march ko chala gaya sabkuch fir se waisa ka waisa ho gaya
Magar mujhe afsos nahin kyon in chand lamhon ko maine jee liya pee liya iss aabe rawan ka paani ……….

Ab asim sirf bhai hain wahan pe kehte hain hamare bina who jagah kaatne ko daurta hai….

Dedicated to:- forbesganj,Bihar
Duration:- 2 months

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